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Donation Jar

Updated: Jun 10

Did you know that the money you throw in our tip jar is then donated out the community and around the world?? Below is a list of the monthly organizations or events that have benefited from your generosity. Thank you!


June - Campus Outreach (Chase at Western Michigan)

July - Youth Group (Mission Trip Gas)

August - Backpack/Supply Giveaway

September - Coat Drive

October - Mom's Closet

November - Building Materials (Common Ground Insulation)

December - Christmas Boxes (Delavan Methodist Church)


January - Building Materials (Common Ground Oven Venting)

February - Office Equipment (Common Ground Computer)

March - Stephen's Ministry (Furniture for Meeting Space)

April - Common Ground 5K Fundraiser

May - Anticipation Acres (Seed & Gardening Supplies)

June - Youth Group (Mission Trip Gas)

July - Family Fun Night (Community Cookout)

August - Backpack/Supply Giveaway

September - Common Ground Block Party

October - Coat Drive

November - Toy Drive (Delavan Optimist Club)

December - Mini Food Pantry (Delavan Baptist Church)


January - General Fund (Facility Expenses)

February - Operation Expenses (Workers Compensation Insurance)

March - Delavan High School Post Prom

April - Anticipation Acres (Seed, Mower, etc.)

May - Stephen's Ministry

June - Youth Group (Mission Trip Gas)

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